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Good oral hygiene is essential for the maintenance of a healthy, beautiful smile. But sometimes brushing at home is not enough to keep your teeth and gums as clean as they need to be. Come to Canton Dental Care for a visit with our dental hygiene team.


•  Prevent plaque build-up

•  Fight dental decay and cavities

•  Stop staining or discolouration

•  Get rid of bad breath

•  Detect issues early for prompt treatment

Regular hygiene visits:

Regular visits with a dental hygienist can help reduce the incidence of cavities and keep your teeth and gums feeling and looking great. Call Canton Dental Care to book your hygiene appointment today. We also offer Cosmetic Dentistry and Crowns and Implants.

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Without adequate oral hygiene, dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease and periodontitis can develop, causing serious problems for your teeth and gums, sometimes resulting in tooth loss.

Prevent dental problems before they start

Keep your smile healthy and beautiful