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Your smile is something you should be proud of. But if your teeth are stained or yellowed, you may be too self-conscious to greet the world with a grin. At Canton Dental Care, we provide  tooth whitening services.


•  Food stains

•  Age

•  Tobacco smoking

•  Coffee or tea

•  Wine

Causes of tooth discolouration:

At Canton Dental, we'll take care of all your dental needs. Our range of services includes all forms of Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns and Implants, and Dental Hygiene to ensure your mouth stays clean and healthy. Book your appointment today.

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Professional tooth whitening is the most effective way to remove stains and reduce yellowing of your teeth, so you'll be ready to flash your pearly whites at everyone.

Remove stains and reduce yellowing

We'll give you back your pearly white smile